Whithout FLO-RITE


Substantially lowers
operation costs

Eliminates chemical
environmental risks

Extends equipment life

Dramatically reduces
maintenance downtime

Reduces water usage
and sewer charges

Flo-Rite Fluids. Inc.  

Flo-Rite Fluids, Inc. of Abilene, Texas was formed in 1984 when it was issued U.S. Patents for Flo-Rite Magnetic Fluid Conditioners. Our oilfield units date back to the early 80’s where we first started using our technology in the oilfield and the first patent was filed. Since then we have developed several different types of magnetic fluid conditioners for a variety of different applications, and have updated our units to the latest technology available on the market.

As the leader in the reduction and prevention of paraffin, scale and emulsion in the oil and water industry, Flo-Rite Fluid’s advanced prevention products and services can help your business. We have an established reputation for our technology that, with proper application, controls the buildup of scale and paraffin.

For decades, the Russians have utilized Magnetic Fluid Conditioning to control scale in water and crude oil. Their electromagnets were bulky and crude, but they worked. The Russians carefully adhered to three consistent design parameters:

1) Adequate magnetic field strength
2) Adequate velocity of the fluid through the magnetic unit
3) Uniform application of the field perpendicular to the velocity
Today, by using extremely strong rare earth magnets developed by NASA for space flight motors, the optimum in design parameters is incorporated into the Flo-Rite magnetic unit.

The Flo-Rite Magnetic Fluid Conditioner is patented under several U.S. Patent numbers. This unique design passes the fluid stream through a narrow annulus to insure uniform velocity and magnetic treatment of all fluid passing through the tool. The annulus gap is set to keep the velocity through the magnetic field above 22 ft/sec with a typical pressure drop of 6 psi. The Flo-Rite design exposes all fluid to many alternating magnetic fields. Failures by competitive tools reflect inherent design deficiencies in the strength, number of magnetic fields; and/or inadequate velocity. The design of the Flo-Rite tool makes it superior in terms of effective and reliable performance. We treat the Fluid…Not the pipe.

Flo-Rite Magnetic Fluid Conditioners are constructed out of high-grade stainless steel. Downhole tools for 2 3/8” and 2 7/8” tubing are attached right above the slotted sub. Our downhole pump units have an OD of 1.66” and are 48” long with standard fittings at both ends for attaching to the bottom of the pump. The Flo-Rite tool can also be built to any custom length. Flowline and transfer pump units are fitted with 2” threaded ends, or can be manufactured for any size flange or connection that may be needed. None of the Flo-Rite units have any moving parts, they are maintenance free, and have no outside power requirements. The Permanent rare earth magnets that we use in our construction have an indefinite lifetime.

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