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Magnetic Fluid Conditioning

Over 30 years of successful treatment across all regions of the United States and overseas

Flo-Rite Fluids, Inc. of Clyde, Texas was formed in 1984 when it was issued U.S. Patents for Magnetic Fluid Conditioners. In the first twenty years of operation, Flo-Rite evaluated and tested many product applications and designs. Initial success was conditioning fluid streams associated with drilling operations. Since then we have developed several types of MFCs for a variety of different applications and have updated our products to the latest technology available on the market.

In 2000, Flo-Rite was purchased by Mr. John White of Abilene, Texas. Under Mr. White’s leadership, the Company has applied significant financial and technical resources into the redesign and improvement of its MFC’s. In this new era of design and testing, the company has been issued new patents and patents still pending in both design and application. Key improvements are rare earth permanent magnets, special abrasion-resistant epoxy coating, and patented construction. With the modern designs, Flo-Rite provides a simplistic and environmentally safe solution to paraffin, scale, and emulsion problems in the oil industry.

As the leader in the reduction and prevention of paraffin, scale and emulsion in the oil and water industry, Flo-Rite Fluid’s advanced prevention products and services can help your business. We have an established reputation for our technology, with proper application, controls the buildup of scale and paraffin.

For decades, Europeans have utilized Magnetic Fluid Conditioning to control scale in water and crude oil. Their electromagnets were bulky and crude, but they worked to an extent. The Europeans carefully adhered to three consistent design parameters:

  1. Adequate magnetic field strength
  2. Adequate velocity of the fluid through the magnetic unit
  3. Uniform application of the field perpendicular to the velocity

Today, by using extremely strong rare earth magnets developed by NASA for space flight motors, the optimum in design parameters is incorporated into the Flo-Rite magnetic unit.

Flo-Rite units can be installed downhole in wells with any kind of lift system:

  • Natural Flow
  • Rod Pump
  • Electric Submersible Pump
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Gas Lift
  • Plunger Lift